Sunday 4:10 pm

Tony was swept along with the crowd leaving the stadium. He had to think. He had to plan. After the crowd had thinned out a bit, he saw the Brompton Library. A good place to think.

He grabbed a newspaper and took a seat in a corner. He opened up the newspaper in front of his face and took several minutes to calm down. He realized he’d been set up and he knew who was behind it. He needed to get out of London, and fast — the police will be after him soon. 

Even though he didn’t kill Sir Geoffrey he had the £500,000 fee for the hit which was safely transferred to his secret bank account in Zurich. 

For four years, Tony had been the money manager for some of the most notorious gangsters in London. He had set up a web of companies and bank accounts to hide and launder the money from their illegal businesses and he had access to all of these secret bank accounts.

He knew what he had to do. He ambled over to the library’s public computers. He consulted some spreadsheets on his phone and it took him less than fifteen minutes to transfer 50% of the money in his clients’ accounts to his personal accounts in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Australia. In a matter of minutes, he had more than £12 million in his various accounts. He had stolen the ill-gotten gains from some of the most ruthless criminals in London. 

He needed to disappear. The police will be after him. The gangsters will be after him. He definitely needed to disappear.

But there was one thing he needed to do — first thing on Tuesday morning — before his disappearance. He needed to collect eight million pounds worth of gold bars from the Bank of England.

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